21 Best Hair Waxes In Singapore For Every Hair Type

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Selecting the right hair wax can profoundly influence your daily style. Amongst the choices, identifying the best hair waxes in Singapore is valuable for those aiming to achieve perfect hair hold with a pleasing aesthetic. 

This city-state has many options catering to diverse hair types and styling needs, ranging from products offering a matte finish to those providing a high-gloss sheen. 

Our guide dives deep into these offerings, equipping you with knowledge about which products deliver not only on hold and texture but also nurture your hair with nourishing ingredients.

#1. Imperial Barber Classic Pomade

Shopee ratings:4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 167 reviews as of 27 April 2024

If you’re seeking a reliable product among the best hair waxes in Singapore, Imperial Barber Classic Pomade is a standout choice. Known for its stronghold and versatility, it is particularly favoured for modern and classic hairstyles like pompadours and slick backs. 

This water-based pomade balances hold and shine, making it suitable for various hair types. It’s also easy to wash out, a bonus for those who prefer hassle-free removal. 

This product is great for maintaining style flexibility throughout the day, allowing for easy restyling with just a touch of water, making it an ideal choice for the humid Singaporean climate.


  • It provides a stronghold that keeps your desired hairstyle intact throughout the day.
  • It offers a low-shine finish, giving your hair a natural look.
  • Features a water-based formula that washes out quickly and easily.
  • Delights your senses with a mild watermelon scent during application.
  • Leaves no stains or tint after use, ensuring a clean, residue-free finish.


  • It has a thick consistency and may require extra effort to distribute evenly throughout the hair.
  • It may only be suitable for some hairstyles, as its stronghold may be too intense for desired looks.

#2. ApestomenTM Volcanic Clay

Shopee ratings:4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 2,300 reviews as of 27 April 2024

For those looking for a hair styling product that offers a superior hold with a matte finish, Apestomen™ Volcanic Clay could be the answer. 

This product is popular in the Singaporean market for its use of natural ingredients, including volcanic clay, which helps to strengthen and maintain hair health. 

It’s particularly suited for thicker hair types that require more control. The clay provides a robust, long-lasting hold that is ideal for sculpting and defining hairstyles without any unwanted shine​​.


  • It offers a stronghold, keeping your hairstyle intact for extended periods.
  • It provides a matte finish, giving your hair a trendy and textured look.
  • Features a pleasant bergamot lemon and lime scent during application.
  • Ensures a clean and residue-free finish, leaving no hair flakes.
  • It requires only a tiny amount due to its thick consistency, ensuring long-lasting use.


  • The dryness it imparts may not work well for individuals with thin hair.
  • It may only be suitable for some hair types and hairstyles due to its thick texture.

#3. Suavecito Pomade

Shopee ratings:5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 4 reviews as of 27 April 2024

Suavecito Pomade is a favourite for those who require a hair product that offers a stronghold and ease of use. This clay pomade provides a firm grip on hairstyles while maintaining a manageable texture for daily adjustments. 

It is especially suited for achieving structured styles such as pompadours or slick backs, and the matte finish helps maintain a natural look without unwanted shine. Suavecito’s water-soluble formula also means it can be easily washed out, which is a significant advantage for regular users.


  • It offers a medium hold that keeps your desired hairstyle intact all day.
  • Provides a medium-shine finishing look for a polished appearance.
  • Leaves no flakes, ensuring a clean and well-groomed finish.
  • Washes out easily without any hassle.
  • It delivers a pleasant scent, enhancing the overall grooming experience.


  • Requires a small amount of water to restyle the hair for added convenience.
  • The scent may be too intense for some individuals’ preferences.

#4. Reuzel Matte Styling Paste

Shopee ratings:5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 26 reviews as of 27 April 2024

Another top contender in the Singapore market is Reuzel Matte Styling Paste. This product is renowned for providing a matte finish that works exceptionally well to achieve a natural look. 

It’s designed for all hair types and lengths, emphasising texture without leaving a shiny residue. The paste offers a flexible hold that is strong enough to last throughout the day but allows easy hairstyle adjustment. 

Its formulation is perfect for those seeking a less glossy appearance and prefer a product that contributes to a more textured, voluminous style​​.


  • Adds volume to thin hair, giving it a fuller appearance.
  • It provides a matte finish, perfect for achieving a natural shine.
  • It features a water-soluble base, making it easy to apply and wash off.
  • Ensures a hassle-free styling routine with smooth and effortless application.
  • It leaves no greasy look and does not cause hair flakes.


  • The scent may not be pleasing for individuals with sensitive preferences.
  • It can make the hair feel slightly stiff, making it more challenging to restyle.

#5. American Crew Matte Clay

Shopee ratings:5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 69 reviews as of 27 April 2024

Look no further for one of the finest hair waxes in Singapore than American Crew Matte Clay. Its rich, creamy texture makes application a seamless process, earning it a well-deserved spot among the best hair waxes in Singapore

Renowned for its natural oil-infused fragrance, this product elevates your grooming routine with a refreshing scent throughout the day.

What truly sets American Crew Matte Clay apart is its remarkable versatility. Designed to cater to all hair types, including curly and wavy hair, this clay offers unparalleled styling capabilities.

Whether defining curls or enhancing waves, its easy moldability ensures effortless styling, promising a polished look with every use.

The smooth consistency of American Crew Matte Clay ensures even distribution, delivering a consistent hold and texture without any clumps or uneven patches. Bid farewell to styling mishaps and welcome a groomed appearance that stands the test of time. 

Plus, with its delightful natural scent derived from high-quality ingredients, grooming becomes a rejuvenating experience, leaving you confident and revitalised.


  • It does not contain any synthetic fragrance, ensuring a more natural scent.
  • Moisturises the hair, keeping it healthy and nourished.
  • It provides a silky finish look, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • It offers a medium hold, providing a balance between style and flexibility.


  • It may not work well for specific hair types, requiring experimentation for optimal results.

#6. Undisputed Pomade

Shopee ratings:4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 301 reviews as of 27 April 2024

Undisputed Pomade is known for its stronghold and water-soluble properties, placing it among the top contenders for the best hair waxes in Singapore. This product is perfect for individuals who need a reliable hold that lasts all day but can be easily washed out at night. 

The pomade’s formulation includes a sweet, fruity scent that adds a pleasant aspect. Its sleek and slim tin design makes it highly portable, ideal for those who need to carry their styling products on the go or for travel.


  • It provides a strong hold, allowing for the creation of various hairstyles.
  • It offers a natural shine, enhancing the appearance with a polished look.
  • Features easy application and removal with its water-based formula.
  • Suitable for individuals seeking both convenience and style.
  • Performs well even in Singapore’s humid climate.


  • The stronghold may feel too stiff for those who prefer more flexible looks.
  • It may leave a slight residue if not properly washed out.

#7. Suavesmith – Texturing Matte Wax

Price:$49.99 (Pack of 3)
Shopee ratings:4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 50 reviews as of 27 April 2024

Suavesmith Texturing Matte Wax has earned its reputation as one of the best hair waxes in Singapore, especially for those who prefer a matte finish without a slick, shiny look. 

This wax is a popular choice for its stronghold that maintains a natural appearance, ideal for creating textured, voluminous styles. Individuals particularly favour it with active lifestyles due to its lasting hold and ability to withstand the demanding Singapore weather. 

This matte wax is easy to apply and water-based, ensuring it washes out effortlessly without leaving residue, making it a practical choice for daily use.


  • It provides a stronghold, making it ideal for styling your hair effortlessly.
  • It offers a natural matte finish for a trendy and sophisticated appearance.
  • Features a water-based formula that is easy to wash off.
  • Ensures a smooth and non-sticky application for comfortable styling.
  • Leaves no hair flakes, providing a clean and well-groomed look.


  • Considered relatively expensive compared to other hair waxes.
  • Some individuals may find the scent overpowering.

#8. Gatsby Harajuku Hair Wax

Price:$4.50 – $9.95
Shopee ratings:5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 71 reviews as of 27 April 2024

Gatsby Harajuku Hair Wax is another excellent choice for styling enthusiasts in Singapore, especially for those seeking a strong but manageable hold with a flair of creativity. 

This wax allows for sculpting precise, bold looks inspired by Harajuku street styles, popular for their vibrant and expressive nature. 

The wax’s formulation balances hold and flexibility, enabling easy daily adjustments to your hairstyle. It’s particularly noted for its effectiveness in creating dramatic, textured styles that stand out, making it a favourite among those looking to make a fashion statement with their hair.


  • Provides a strong hold for edgy and statement-making hairstyles.
  • Ensures long-lasting performance, even in humid climates.
  • It offers versatility to create spiky, gravity-defying looks or sleek finishes.
  • It delivers a pleasant fragrance, enhancing the grooming experience.
  • Easy to apply for convenient styling.


  • The stronghold may need to be more flexible for those who prefer more flexible hairstyles.
  • Some individuals may not prefer the fragrance.

#9. Refined Superior Matte Clay

Price:$10.90 – $15.90
Shopee ratings:4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 2.7k reviews as of 27 April 2024

Refined Superior Matte Clay is highly regarded as one of the best hair waxes in Singapore for those seeking a premium finish with a stronghold. 

This clay is ideal for crafting matte and textured hairstyles. It provides a heavy hold that maintains the desired style throughout the day without leaving any shine, making it perfect for a natural, effortless look. 

Its formulation is gentle on the scalp while giving enough flexibility for styling, which is important for those with sensitive skin or who frequently restyle their hair during the day.


  • Creates a natural and effortlessly textured hairstyle
  • Matte finish for a refined look without greasiness
  • Medium hold suitable for various hair lengths and types
  • Premium ingredients for exceptional performance
  • Lightweight feel without weighing down the hair


  • The medium hold may not be strong enough for intricate or long-lasting styles.
  • May require reapplication throughout the day for those with particularly unruly hair.

#10. Shiseido Uno Matte Effector Hair

Shopee ratings:4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 152 reviews as of 27 April 2024

For those aiming for a textured, natural look, Shiseido Uno Matte Effector Hair Wax is one of the best hair waxes in Singapore. This product helps achieve a matte finish, making it ideal for creating tousled and voluminous styles without a greasy sheen. 

Its strong setting power ensures that hair stays lifted from the roots, which is particularly beneficial for shorter hairstyles. 

The formulation also includes “Style Powder,” which allows for movement within the hair without sacrificing hold, making it adaptable to various styling needs while resisting humidity, a common concern in Singapore’s climate.


  • It provides a matte finish, perfect for a stylish and sophisticated look.
  • Features a non-greasy formula that prevents a heavy or oily appearance.
  • It offers a lightweight feel while still providing excellent control and hold.
  • It allows easy application, gliding smoothly through the hair without any stickiness.
  • Suitable for children with a mild scent, making it an excellent option for parents.


  • Some ingredients may be harmful if used excessively.
  • Individuals seeking a glossy appearance may not prefer the matte finish.

#11. Ubersuave – Texturing Matte Wax

Price:$13.90 – $17.90
Shopee ratings:4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 203 reviews as of 27 April 2024

Ubersuave Texturing Matte Wax is another top contender in hair styling products, known for its strong hold and matte finish. This product is perfect for crafting modern hairstyles, from short, textured looks to longer, contemporary styles. 

It stands out for its formulation that includes high-quality ingredients, ensuring that the hair remains styled yet touchable throughout the day. 

The wax’s versatility is enhanced by its ability to cater to different hair lengths and types, providing a reliable styling solution that lasts all day without frequent touch-ups.


  • It helps achieve a natural, textured look with its medium hold.
  • Provides a sophisticated appearance with its matte finish.
  • Features a water-based formula that is easy to wash out.
  • Delivers an enjoyable grooming experience with its pleasant scent.
  • Suitable for various hair types, allowing versatility in styling.


  • It may need to provide a stronger hold for intricate hairstyles.
  • Some users may prefer a wax with more shine for a glossy appearance.

#12. Amby Hex Energy Gum

Price:$11.10 (Bundle of 3)
Shopee ratings:4.8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 32 reviews as of 27 April 2024

Amby Hex Energy Gum, on the other hand, offers a unique proposition with its strong hold and lasting control. It suits various hair types but is particularly effective on medium to thicker hair. 

This hair wax provides a firm texture and hold, which is ideal for sculpting and defining hairstyles that require durability against the elements. The product is noted for its non-greasy finish and pleasant scent, enhancing the styling experience. 

Its formulation includes nourishing ingredients that maintain hair health, making it a good choice for those looking for style and substance in their grooming routine. 

Amby Hex Energy Gum is celebrated for its ease of washability and is a popular choice among those who need a reliable and effective solution for their styling needs​.


  • It offers easy washability, allowing for hassle-free removal.
  • Contains certified organic aloe vera as its main ingredient, providing nourishment to the hair.
  • It gives a non-greasy finish, leaving the hair looking clean and well-groomed.
  • It offers a robust and lasting hold, ensuring hairstyles stay in place.


  • Works better for thin to medium hair compared to thick and long hair.

#13. BluMaan’s Cavalier Clay

Shopee ratings:4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 1.3k reviews as of 27 April 2024

BluMaan’s Cavalier Clay is a must-have hair styling product in Singapore for its exceptional hold and ability to handle thick and unruly hair. 

This clay offers a high hold with a natural matte finish, making it ideal for achieving textured, voluminous styles that require strong control without shine. 

Its formulation is enriched with organic oils and natural proteins, which nourish and strengthen the hair, making it a healthy choice for regular use. 

The Cavalier Clay is also known for its reworkable texture, allowing you to adjust your hairstyle throughout the day without adding more product. It’s particularly favoured for its performance in humid climates, ensuring that your style holds from day to night​​.


  • Offers a premium hair wax with exceptional hold for long-lasting styles.
  • Provides versatility, suitable for various hair types and styles.
  • It delivers a matte finish, creating a natural and textured look.
  • It provides a lightweight feel, ensuring the hair isn’t weighed down.
  • Delivers outstanding results for messy or structured styles.


  • The premium quality may come with a higher price point.
  • The matte finish may appeal to someone other than those who prefer a shinier look.

#14. Gatsby Ultra Hard Wax

Shopee ratings:4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 1 review as of 27 April 2024

Renowned as one of the premier hair waxes available in Singapore, Gatsby Ultra Hard Styling Wax stands out for its superior hold and distinctive clay-like texture. 

This exceptional product guarantees a long-lasting hold that withstands the rigours of daily life, ensuring your hairstyle remains impeccable from dawn till dusk.

Its versatility across all hair types sets Gatsby Ultra Hard Styling Wax apart. Whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair, this wax delivers exceptional results, offering unparalleled control and flexibility in styling. 

Embrace the freedom to experiment with various hairstyles, from refined and sophisticated to rugged and tousled, as Gatsby Ultra Hard Styling Wax empowers you to express your unique style effortlessly.

In addition to its exceptional performance, Gatsby Ultra Hard Styling Wax provides a pleasurable grooming experience. Its unique clay-like texture facilitates effortless application and styling, allowing you to sculpt your hair precisely and easily.


  • Provides a long-lasting hold for all hair types.
  • Delivers exceptional results for various hairstyles.
  • Easy application and effortless styling.
  • Moulds hair into the desired shape with ease.
  • Ensures a well-groomed appearance.


  • The shine it provides may not be suitable for those who prefer a matte finish.
  • It may offer a different level of hold for all hair types.

#15. Hair Dough Styling Clay For Men

Shopee ratings:Not found

Hair Dough Styling Clay sets the standard as one of the best hair waxes in Singapore, securing an unwavering hold while providing a dependable grip for your preferred style. 

This clay-based formula uniquely blends control and flexibility, enabling effortless styling, whether aiming for a sleek, polished look or a more rugged, tousled effect. The adaptability of this top hair styling product guarantees that your hair will maintain its shape all day long. 

Beyond its holding prowess, Hair Dough Styling Clay is valuable for adding volume and enhancing thickness, transforming your hair into a fuller, more vibrant mane. 

The product eradicates any hint of flatness, injecting life into every strand. It lets you carry a voluminous, dynamic hairstyle that truly stands out, ensuring you make an indelible impression wherever you go.


  • Offers a reliable grip and exceptional hold.
  • Provides a balance of control and flexibility for easy styling.
  • Adds volume and thickness to the hair for a fuller appearance.
  • Allows for experimentation with different hairstyles.
  • Keep the hair in place throughout the day.


  • The stronghold may require more effort to restyle throughout the day.
  • The wax may feel slightly greasy for those who prefer a matte finish.

#16. O’douds Dry Wax

Shopee ratings:4.8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 26 reviews as of 27 April 2024

O’douds Dry Wax stands out as a premier choice for the finest hair wax in Singapore, catering to individuals who demand durability and style in their grooming products. 

This wax promises a robust hold that keeps your hairstyle meticulously intact throughout the day. It lends considerable volume to the hair with minimal application, enhancing its body and presence for a more animated and appealing look. 

The steadfast nature of O’douds Dry Wax means your style is safeguarded against the elements, whether in professional settings or social soirées. 

The wax also boosts the hair’s volume, contributing depth and an enhanced texture that is effortless to achieve. Ideal for the modern man, this product ensures that your hair holds its shape and projects vibrancy and confidence in every strand.


  • Rich natural ingredients provide nourishment and care for your hair.
  • The refreshing bergamot and green tea aroma adds a delightful sensory experience to your grooming routine.
  • The strong hold ensures that your hairstyle stays in place all day long.
  • Perfect for achieving a natural look that enhances your overall appearance.


  • It cannot be washed off in one go, requiring more effort for removal.
  • The wax may feel slightly stiff for some hair types.

#17. Dapper Dan Matte Paste

Shopee ratings:5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 4 reviews as of 27 April 2024

Dapper Dan Matte Paste is among the best hair waxes available in Singapore thanks to its exceptional versatility and reliable hold. 

Whether aiming for a polished, formal look or a relaxed, textured style, this wax effortlessly adapts to your preferences, ensuring you always look your best.

Experience the ease of styling with Dapper Dan Matte Paste, allowing you to experiment with different looks confidently. Its easy application and workability enable you to achieve your desired hairstyle with minimal effort, promising a well-groomed appearance that lasts all day.

Beyond its styling capabilities, Dapper Dan Matte Paste excels in its effortless washability. Unlike other waxes that leave a sticky residue, this product rinses off cleanly, leaving your hair fresh and revitalised.


  • Easy to restyle for different looks.
  • Versatile for a wide range of hairstyles.
  • Effortless application and workability.
  • It washes off easily without leaving residue.
  • Provides a fresh start for the following styling.


  • The hold may not last as long as desired for some individuals.
  • It works better on specific hair lengths and may be less effective on longer hair.

#18. Morgan’s Shaping Wax

Shopee ratings:Not found

Morgan’s Shaping Wax isa leading choice for the finest hair wax in Singapore, characterised by its natural shine and feather-light touch that ensures your hair remains impeccably styled without the weight. 

Crafted from premium ingredients, this wax not only styles but also nourishes and conditions, promoting healthy, radiant hair. Say farewell to dryness and brittleness, as this wax imparts moisture and suppleness to your hair. 

A distinct feature of Morgan’s Shaping Wax is its delightful scent, a blend of bergamot and green tea that enriches the grooming experience. This refreshing fragrance elevates the wax from a mere styling tool to an important part of your daily ritual, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated. 


  • Provides a natural shine for an effortlessly styled look.
  • Lightweight formula that doesn’t weigh down the hair.
  • Moisturizes and conditions the hair for a healthy and lustrous appearance.
  • Made with high-quality natural ingredients.
  • The invigorating scent of bergamot and green tea for a refreshing grooming experience.


  • It may need to offer a stronger hold for intricate hairstyles.
  • Some users may prefer a wax with more shine.

#19. Gatsby Moving Rubber Extreme Mat

Shopee ratings:5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 5 reviews as of 27 April 2024

When it comes to the best hair waxes in Singapore, look no further than Gatsby Moving Rubber Extreme Mat. Designed for those leading an active lifestyle. This exceptional product offers a steadfast hold that keeps your hair intact, even during vigorous activities and outdoor escapades. 

What distinguishes the Gatsby Moving Rubber Extreme Mat is its compatibility with short, straight hair. This wax enhances the definition and hold of such hair types, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking reliable styling solutions. 

Whether aiming for a sleek, professional look or a textured, edgy style, Gatsby Moving Rubber Extreme Mat delivers impeccable results, ensuring you exude confidence in every setting.


  • Provides a strong hold for an active lifestyle.
  • Keep your hair in place during physical activities and outdoor adventures.
  • Enhances the grip and definition of short, straight hair.
  • Delivers precise and reliable results for various styles.
  • Boosts confidence with a hairstyle that remains intact.


  • The scent may only be appealing to some.
  • Some individuals may find it difficult to wash off thoroughly.

#20. OriginalFook Ultimate Wax

Shopee ratings:4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 3,600 reviews as of 27 April 2024

OriginalFook Ultimate Wax is among the best hair waxes in Singapore, designed to combat the nation’s notorious heat and humidity. 

This product ensures your hairstyle remains unyielded throughout the day, immune to the common pitfalls of melting and disarray caused by local weather conditions. Its matte finish enhances the hair’s natural look, evoking a sense of understated elegance. 

Moreover, OriginalFook Ultimate Wax is acclaimed for leaving no flaky residue and maintaining a neat appearance from dawn to dusk. 


  • Maximum hold to keep your hairstyle intact throughout the day.
  • Matte finish for a non-glossy, natural appearance.
  • Provides a volumising effect for added dimension to your hair.
  • Withstands the heat and humidity of Singapore’s climate.
  • It delivers a pleasant fragrance that adds to your overall presence.


  • Not entirely made from a natural formula.
  • It may require more effort to wash off thoroughly.

#21. Quincy Pomade Original

Shopee ratings:4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 15 reviews as of 27 April 2024

Quincy Pomade Original, one of the best hair waxes in Singapore, is known for its stronghold and versatility across different hair types. 

Crafted by Defy Empire, this water-soluble pomade offers a medium shine that enhances the hair’s natural look without overpowering it. 

Users appreciate its capacity to withstand the humid Singaporean climate, allowing for restyling throughout the day without losing hold. Infused with argan oil, it also ensures that your hair remains nourished and healthy. 

This pomade is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable hold that also conditions the hair, maintaining a fresh and professional look all day.


  • Offers versatility for a wide range of hairstyles.
  • It provides a firm hold, ensuring your desired style stays intact throughout the day.
  • It gives a natural shine, making the hair appear healthy and lustrous.
  • Easy to apply and wash out, offering convenience in styling.
  • Suitable for Singapore’s humid climate, maintaining style despite the weather.


  • It may feel slightly greasy for those who prefer a matte finish.
  • The stronghold may require more effort to restyle throughout the day.

Conclusion About The Best Hair Waxes In Singapore

Searching through a vast selection of styling products can often be overwhelming, yet our comprehensive review simplifies this by pinpointing the top hair styling waxes available locally. 

Focusing on the finest hair styling waxes in Singapore, we’ve highlighted those that stand out for their superior quality and performance. 

Whether you seek something for a casual day out or a formal event, the right product can elevate your look seamlessly. Armed with this information, you are better prepared to make an informed choice, ensuring your hair looks great and receives the care it deserves.

Note: For the latest and most recent updates on the above recommendations, refer to their respective website for the most accurate information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Waxes In Singapore

How Do I Remove Hair Wax Effectively Without Damaging My Hair?

To remove hair wax effectively without causing damage, apply a good quality conditioner to dry hair and massage it thoroughly to break down the wax. 

Let the conditioner sit for several minutes, then rinse with warm water. Following up with a gentle shampoo can ensure that any remaining wax residue is removed, leaving your hair clean and undamaged.

What Are The Differences Between Hair Wax, Pomade And Clay?

Hair wax provides a medium hold with a matte to slight shine finish and is great for structured styles that need some flexibility. Pomade offers a stronger hold with a glossier finish, ideal for slicked-back looks or classic hairstyles. 

Clay provides a strong hold with a matte finish, perfect for adding volume without the slickness. Your choice should depend on your desired style and hair type.

Can Women Use The Same Hair Waxes As Men?

Yes, women can use the same hair waxes as men. The main consideration should be hair type and desired style rather than gender. Women interested in texturising, sculpting or managing short hairstyles may find hair waxes particularly useful, just as men do.

How Often Can I Use Hair Wax Without Damaging My Hair?

Hair wax can be used regularly without damaging the hair as long as it is completely washed out at the end of the day and not allowed to build up over time.

Using a nourishing shampoo and conditioner is important to maintain hair health. If your scalp starts to feel dry or irritated, reduce the frequency of wax application.

Can Hair Wax Be Used On Coloured Or Treated Hair Safely?

Hair wax can generally be used on coloured or treated hair safely, especially if it’s alcohol-free and contains nourishing ingredients. 

However, selecting a wax that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that can strip colour or cause further damage to treated hair is important. Always check the product label for compatibility with treated hair types.

How Should I Apply Hair Wax To Ensure The Best Hold And Style?

For the best hold and style, start by warming a small amount of wax between your palms to soften it. Apply it evenly from the roots through the mid-lengths of slightly damp or dry hair, styling as you go. Use sparingly and add more if needed, as too much wax can weigh hair down and make it look greasy.

How Do I Choose The Right Hair Wax For My Hair Type In Singapore?

Choosing the right hair wax in Singapore depends on your hair type and the climate. For fine hair, a lightweight wax is best to avoid weighing hair down. 

For thicker hair, a stronger hold wax can manage and maintain style better. Consider the humidity in Singapore and opt for water-based waxes that can withstand moisture without losing hold.

What Are The Key Features Of The Best Hair Waxes Available In Singapore?

When searching for the best hair waxes in Singapore, look for products that offer long-lasting hold without stiffness, adaptability to local humid conditions and ingredients that nourish the scalp and hair. 

A good hair wax should also not leave any residue and be easy to wash. Lastly, consider the finish—whether you prefer matte, natural or shiny—and any additional benefits like UV protection or added nutrients.

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